EVENT: Youth Suicide Prevention Forum, 4/2/18

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Please join Integral Care for a community forum on Youth Suicide Prevention. 

Ethnic, racial, and sexual minority youth are shown to be at higher risk of suicide than their majority peers. Using a cultural identities framework, presenters from the University of Texas at Austin, will discuss risk factors as well as the skills, strength and resources that protect youth from suicide. Joining the panel will be Megan Alvarado, a young adult with lived experience, sharing her message of hope. 

Panelists from the University of Texas at Austin: 

  • Dr. Chris Brownson, Ph.D., Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and Director of the Counseling and Mental Health Center
  • Dr. Lauren Gulbas, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Steve Hicks School of Social Work
  • Dr. Stephen T. Russell, Ph.D., Priscilla Pond Flawn Regents Professor in Child Development and Chair of the Department of Human Development and Family Sciences
  • Dr. Luis Zayas Ph.D., Dean and Robert Lee Sutherland Chair in Mental Health and Social Policy, Steve Hicks School of Social Work

A light lunch will be served at 11:00 am. The program begins at 11:30 am.


Monday, April 2nd, 2018 - 11:00 am to 1:00 pm


Seton Administrative Offices - Auditorium
1345 Philomena St.
Austin, TX 78723



JOB OPPORTUNITY: US Director of Mental Health and Wellbeing at the Movember Foundation

U.S Director – Mental Health & Suicide Prevention (MHSP), Movember Foundation

  • Key leadership role in the U.S
  • Unique leadership opportunity to have a profound impact on the mental health and wellbeing of disadvantaged populations of boys and men across the U.S


Key responsibilities of this role are to:

Provide overall expertise in the mental health landscape in the U.S.
Work with the Global Director, Mental Health & Suicide Prevention (MHSP) to understand and navigate the opportunities and challenges within the U.S. mental health landscape ensuring the Movember Foundation maximizes its impact in improving the mental health and wellbeing of priority populations of boys and men in the U.S.

Work in collaboration with the Movember Foundation’s key delivery partner in the U.S. to build and strengthen knowledge sharing and collaboration across the U.S. Making Connections community sites.

  • Work collaboratively with our key U.S. partner, internal Movember stakeholders and other Foundations committed to enhancing the mental health and wellbeing of men and boys in the U.S, to maximise knowledge and the impact of Movember’s investments.
  • Act as a key contact and point of coordination for knowledge translation and communications for the Movember Foundation’s US Mental Health initiative.
  • Participate in discussions and negotiations with U.S. mental health organisations and institutions interested in co-investing in the US Making Connections Program and other Movember Foundation MHSP opportunities in the U.S.

Cultivate and mobilize knowledge generated through the Making Connections (MC) formental health and wellbeing among men and boys in the US, ensuring it is synthesized and effectively communicated to appropriate audiences.
In collaboration with Movember Foundation’s U.S. delivery partner, facilitate the implementation of the program specific and global knowledge translation (KT) strategies to ensure effective translation of learnings from the Making Connections initiative into practice through a range of KT channels.

Essential experience and skills for this role are:

  • Relevant undergraduate qualifications and over 5 years’ experience in a similar role in the U.S.
  • Strong understanding of the Mental Health landscape in the U.S. including issues and key stakeholders
  • Understanding of and experience working with community based primary prevention programs.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with a broad range of stakeholders (government, academic, service provider, media, community/client groups) and build and maintain good partnerships.
  • Excellent communications (written and oral) and interpersonal skills.
  • Critical thinker, ability to identify emerging men’s health trends/themes and see the 'big picture' and readily identify and make linkages between ideas and pieces of information.
  • Demonstrated experience working in developing and supporting KT frameworks/ strategies/tools for public education, program planning and/or policy advocacy activities.
  • Strong background and understanding of translational research and health services programs.
  • Outcomes focused, with an understanding of performance measurement and reporting frameworks.
  • Team player with highly developed people leadership skills.
  • Demonstrated skills in project management, time management, leadership, team work and problem-solving.

Desirable skills for this role are:

  • Master’s Degree preferably in mental health or public health
  • Hands on experience in clinical or community service organizations
  • Experience in national or state based health organizations
  • Experience engaging with marginalized community members an asset.
  • Experience participating in roundtable discussions with stakeholder groups, policy/decision makers, as well as regular lunch and learn style seminar series 

To apply:

Your application requires a thoughtful response.  Please provide a cover letter outlining your suitability for the role, addressing the questions below. Any applications submitted without a cover letter will not be considered:

1.   Tell us about a health program or strategy that you have led that you are most proud of, and why. 

2.   Which of our values best resonates with you and why?


Applications are best forwarded to jobs@movember.com 

*Note: The LinkedIn ‘Apply’ button allows only one document to be uploaded)

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Integral Care Career Opportunities


Integral Care Career Opportunities

About Integral Care

Vision:  Healthy Living for Everyone

Mission:  To improve the lives of people affected by behavioral health and developmental and/or intellectual disabilities.

Integral Care is committed to fostering an open, inclusive and supportive environment that welcomes and embraces diversity of all forms. Applications from women, minorities, individuals with disabilities and veterans are strongly encouraged.


Manager/Supervisor/Team Lead positions - Depending on the level of leadership, leadership positions require a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with a major specialization in the related field.  Salary varies.  There are 5 current leadership openings including:

·       2 Program Manager

·       https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Program-Manager-1017

·       https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Program-Manager-1045

·       2 Program Specialist

·     https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Program-Specialist-979

·     https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Program-Specialist-957

·       1 Grants Manager

·     https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Resource-Development-Grants-Manager-1000

Licensed Practitioner of the Healing Arts (LPHA) - All LPHA positions require a Master's degree with a major specialization in Human/Behavioral/Social Services or related field.  Licensure as an LPHA, LPC, LCSW, Licensed Psychologist, or LMFT is required.  Salary is at $55,602 - $63,616 annually, depending on licensed experience.  There are 7 current LPHA openings including:

·       4 LPHA

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Licensed-Practitioner-of-the-Healing-Arts--UT-Health-1048

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Licensed-Practitioner-of-the-Healing-Arts-LPHA-1036

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Licensed-Practitioner-of-the-Healing-Arts-LPHA-1044

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Licensed-Practitioner-of-the-Healing-Arts-LPHA-986

·       3 School Based Therapist

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/School-Based-Therapist-LPHA-1055

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/School-Based-Therapist-LPHA-1054

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/School-Based-Therapist-LPHA-971

Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC/CI) positions - All LCDC/CI positions require a Bachelor's degree with a major specialization in Human/Behavioral/Social Services or related field.  Typically a minimum of two years of direct service provider experience working with adults experiencing substance use disorders or dually diagnosed with co-occurring substance use and psychiatric disorders is preferred.  Licensure as an LCDC or LCDC-I is required.  Salary is at $37,140 - $45,024 annually, depending on licensed experience.  There are 4 current LCDC/CI openings including:

·       2 LCDC

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Licensed-Chemical-Dependency-Counselor-LCDC-930

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Licensed-Chemical-Dependency-Counselor-LCDC-1010

·       2 LCDC/CI

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Licensed-Chemical-Dependency-Counselor-LCDCCI-989

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Licensed-Chemical-Dependency-Counselor-LCDCCI-1032

Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP) positions - All QMHP positions require a Bachelor's degree with a major specialization in Human/Behavioral/Social Services or related field.  Typically a minimum of two years’ experience in mental health is preferred.  Starting Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP) salary is at $35,819 - $37,914 annually based on experience, but internal applicants are subject to Integral Care’s QMHP career ladder.  There are 24 current QMHP openings including:

·       5 QMHP

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Bilingual-Qualified-Mental-Health-Professional-1025

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Primary-Clinician-QMHP-1047

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/QMHP-Diversion-Coordinator-1015

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Qualified-Mental-Health-Professional-QMHP-978

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Qualified-Mental-Health-Professional-QMHP-1016

·       1 Case Manager

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Case-Manager-956

·       12 Service Coordinator

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Employment-Specialist-953

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Continuity-of-Care-Coordinator-982

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/HCS-Service-Coordinator-1034

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Crisis-Intervention-Specialist-1024

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/ACT-Forensic-Specialist-1013

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Service-Coordinator-1053

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Service-Coordinator-1061

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Service-Coordinator-1060

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Service-Coordinator-1033

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Service-Coordinator-969

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/SOAR-Specialist-968

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/SOAR-Specialist-976

·       4 Housing Specialist

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Housing-Navigation-Specialist-1028

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Housing-Placement-Specialist-1030

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Housing-Specialist-1012

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Supported-Housing-Specialist-QMHP-1038

·       2 Rehabilitation Specialist

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Rehabilitation-Specialist-1058

o   https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers/Rehabilitation-Specialist-991


In addition to these opportunities, Integral Care employs a variety of non-direct service positions.  To view all career opportunities, please visit our Careers page at https://integralcare.e3applicants.com/careers.


EVENT: Tenth Annual Lifebuilder Luncheon, 4/25/18


You're Invited To The


Join us for a celebration of our 10th AnnualLifeBuilder Luncheon where we celebrate the spirit of recovery that is present among our vibrant community members. This is our biggest community fundraiser of the year for our organization! 

11:30pm - 1:00pm

7300 Hart Lane, Austin, TX 78731

Make A Donation



Keynote Speaker: Sarah Hepola
Author of New York Times Best-Seller Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget
Click Here to Register

Announcing the Winners of the

2018 "Mac" McLester Community Awards

These annual awards recognize people who are dedicated to building the strongest and most vibrant Recovery Community right here in Central Texas. 
We honor the memory of recovery champion Ulysses "Mac" McLester, who was a leader in the Recovery Community for many years and helped hundreds of people reach their full potential in recovery.


2018 Spirit of Recovery Award:  
Lynn Sherman

2018 Champion of Recovery Award:
Raul Garcia,LMSW, LCDC


2018 Champion of Recovery Award:
Cole Shiflet

Congratulations to our winners! We are so grateful for your dedication and service! 

Please join us at our award ceremony! 
Click Here to Register

Questions? Email Sapna at Sapna.Aggarwal@CFORR.org

JOB OPPORTUNITY: AFSSA looking for contract counselors

Asian Family Support Services of Austin is looking for contract mental health providers with a culturally-grounded approach to provide services for their diverse clientele. They are a non-profit serving survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. Please contact Linda Phan (lphan@afssaustin.org)  if interested.

They are also hiring for several other positions: http://www.afssaustin.org/employment/#

EVENT: Show-up For Black Mothers Summit, 3/27/18


When Serena Williams, one of the most recognizable and wealthiest female athletes in the world, had a harrowing birth and postpartum care experience we instantly became more aware that the risks Black mothers face during and after pregnancy cuts across all income, class and educational achievement lines for Black women.

Serena spoke about her experience with the goal of changing the fate for other Black women. Read the full article detailing her work here http://bit.ly/2GuE0Xx

If this happened to Serena, it could happen to any Black mother. And it does.


Serena’s story is all too common – especially for Black mothers in Travis County. The tide turns now. Show up for Black mothers on March 27th from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. The Show Up for Black Mothers Summit – made possible through a grant from the St. David's Foundation – is an opportunity to bring together health care professionals, policy makers, faith-based community members, and community leaders to address the issue.

Through awareness, knowledge, support and activism we can improve postpartum outcomes for Black women in Travis County.

We invite you to join mothers, health care professionals, policy makers, faith-based community members, and community leaders as we show up for Black mothers in Travis County.

We need to you to Show Up for Black Mothers on March 27! 

Huston-Tillotson University
King-Seabrook Chapel
900 Chicon St., Austin, TX 78701

Join us and let us know you will be there: RSVP@makingthingsclear.com

Click here for more information on  Show Up for Black Mothers Summit

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Seeking part-time Hispanic male life coach/social worker

Good morning and happy spring! 

We received a request to assist a hispanic family in finding a male, hispanic life coach/social worker to work part-time with their son who is 26 years of age. 

Please contact Dr. Jeanne Spencer at 512.497.9980 or jms342@txstate.edu for more information. Also, please share this email with your contacts.  

Have a great week! Thanks!

EVENT: Mental Health Conference at David Chapel, 5/5/18: Seeking Presenters

David Chapel Missionary Baptist Church will be hosting a Mental Health Awareness Conference on May 5, 2018 from 9am-Noon. The purpose of this conference  is to provide resources and discuss mental health issues within the African-American community in Austin, TX. 

If you are interested in participating as a presenter and/or panelist please contact Ashley Logan atthecounselingtherapist@gmail.com. Topics for the conference can range from ADHD to Schizophrenia to stigmas in our community . 

The deadline to show your interest is February 28, 2018. 

Thanks for you time and commitment to work with our community. Hope to see you there!
Oh and food will be served LOL!


Ashley Logan NCC, LPC-S, RPT-S, EAGALA

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: ANA Announces the Opening of Funding Opportunity Announcements & a New Blog!

Our 2018 Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) are now published and live! The FOAs spell out the requirements of applying for and carrying out an ANA grant. Our training and technical assistance teams are available to offer free technical assistance to all potential applicants throughout the process. The following opportunities are now available:

  • Environmental Regulatory Enhancement (ERE)
  • Native American Language Preservation and Maintenance (P&M)
  • Native American Language Preservation and Maintenance-Esther Martinez Immersion (EMI)
  • Native Youth Initiative for Leadership, Empowerment, and Development (I-LEAD)
  • Social and Economic Development Strategies (SEDS)
  • Social and Economic Development Strategies for Alaska (SEDS-AK)

Applications are due by April 9, 2018.

You can get started by downloading the FOAs. Not certain about which FOA to apply for? Read descriptions of our program areas on our website. I look forward to another successful application cycle and cannot wait to see what amazing projects are proposed!

The Administration for Children and Families, Children's Bureau also just published the Tribal Court Improvement Program FOA! It may be of interest to you.

In other ANA news, I posted a blog on our website to celebrate National Girls and Women in Sports Day. Playing sports has had a profound and positive impact on my life. It taught me the importance of teamwork, mentorship, and striving to achieve goals. I hope that sharing my experiences and those of others, leads you to encourage the girls and women in your life to take up a sport.


Philamayaye (Thank you),

Stacey Ecoffey
Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Native American Affairs, Administration for Children and Families
Acting Commissioner, Administration for Native Americans
330 C Street, SW

Washington, DC 20201
Help Desk: 1-877-922-9262

WellMed Charitable Foundation: 2018 Grant Announcement


2018 Grant Announcement

The WellMed Charitable Foundation (WCF) is seeking to award grants in local WellMed markets in 2018. The WellMed Charitable Foundation supports seniors and their caregivers as a primary focus of our mission, and these grants are intended to reflect this population. The WCF intends to award one grant of up to $20,000 in each of the following areas, with two grants awarded in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex:


  • Austin
  • San Antonio
  • Dallas/Fort Worth (2 grants)
  • Corpus Christi
  • Rio Grande Valley
  • El Paso


  • Miami
  • Tampa
  • Treasure Coast
  • Orlando

Organizations wishing to submit a proposal must use the WellMed Charitable Foundation grant template that is found on our website: www.wellmedgives.org/grants, and submit their application to our email box wellmedgives@wellmed.net, by 5:00 PM on February 15, 2018. WCF awards are based on the quality of the proposals; therefore, the Foundation Board of Directors may elect not to award a grant or to award more than one grant in any given area. Grant agreements will be finalized by March 31, 2018.

EVENT UPDATE: Employ Austin Hiring Moved to Jan. 17th @ 12pm-3pm

Hello All,

Great news- The Employ Austin Hiring Event has been moved from Wednesday, January 10th @ 5pm-7pm to WednesdayJanuary 17th @ 12pm-3pm! What does that mean for you? Great question! For those who have already RSVP'd, you'll have more time to prepare and bring your A+ outreach game. For those of you who have yet to RSVP; You have more time to ensure your organization establishes its footprint in the Latino community by attending. If you need job seekers, you need to attend. There's a large pool of qualified bilingual candidates to match with YOUR clients in Austin proper who have relocated due to Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

If you've already RSVP'd, thank you and save the new date and time. If you have yet to RSVP, make sure to clear you schedules and prepare to engage our newly arrived Texans by way of the Caribbean. Please RSVP by Wednesday, January 10th by EOD to ensue that we receive all the information necessary to attract your client's next employee. For the event flyer and a list of what to send in your RSVP response, please see the attachments.

Questions are always welcome, so please reach out to me via email or mobile should you have any. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to partnering with you to Keep Austin Employed.



C. Mechelle
(512) 578-9972

Sickle Cell Advisory Committee Seeks Applicants: Apply by Jan. 18, 2018


The Texas Health and Human Services Commission with the Texas Department of State Health Services is accepting applications to fill one position on the Sickle Cell Advisory Committee. 

The vacant position is for a member of the public who is either an individual with sickle cell disease or a parent of a person with sickle cell disease or trait.


Interested applicants should complete the application (MS Word) and include two letters of recommendation. Applications must be postmarked nolater than 11:59 p.m. Jan. 18, 2018. Read more about the application process.

For more information, contact Beth Rider at 512-776-3386 or by email atbeth.rider@dshs.texas.gov.

India Home is hiring for two positions (Queens, New York City)

Executive Director

The Executive Director is responsible for providing visionary leadership of the organization’s mission. The Executive Director will lead the organization into its next, exciting phase of growth through delivery of enhanced and expanded programming, external relations, and advocacy. The position will continue the momentum of the organization and generate innovative partnerships to ensure the effective delivery of high quality services in the New York City area.

Primary responsibilities include: providing thought leadership and developing effective strategies to deliver on India Home’s mission, managing staff and programs, grant writing, overseeing a major organizational rebranding, working with board of directors to fulfill the organizational mission, maintaining and building relationships with existing and new stakeholders including community partners and government agencies and fundraising.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual with team management experience to grow and further develop an exciting social service agency. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to lead a high-performance team and a growing organization to new heights.

Click here for the full position summary.

Community Mental Health Program Director:

The Community Mental Health Program Director is responsible for overseeing the development and execution of mental health services at India Home, Inc. The Community Mental Health Program (CMHP) at India Home will provide direct counseling and mental health services, education and outreach on mental health, and work with the case management team to ensure our clients’ needs are met. S/he will work with hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers to establish a referral system for clients.

Primary responsibilities include: counseling services, supervision of clinical students, mental health outreach and educational programs in community centers, case management as needed, maintaining client records.

Click here for the full position summary.