May 2, 2015 - Mission: Preventing Being Harmed In The Black Community

  • Beginning First Saturday, May 2, 2015, the "Do No Hurt Talks In The Black Community-Quality of Life Conversations-We Have To Have", 12 p.m.-1:30p.m., begin at the Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex (MYEC), 1156 Hargrave Street; Austin Texas 78702.

  • At this time and until otherwise indicated , with the continuing leadership support of Chief Art Acevedo, Assistant Chief Patrick Ockletree and Assistant Chief Jessica Robledo, the Teenager-Youth Jamborees are combined and integrated with the Austin Police Department's continuing First Saturday Town Halls, 1:30p.m.-3p.m., for the months of February, June, October. The following partners will continue cooperating, supporting and collaborating with APD and this agenda:

-Capitol Area Boy Scouts of America of the Austin Area

-Boys & Girls Club of the Austin Area

-Housing authority of City of Austin

Austin Independent School District-Chief Eric Mendez

  • The MYEC First Saturdays Town Halls continue the existing rotating schedule as follows:

-Travis County Sheriff's Office-January-May-September

-Austin Police Department-February-June-October

-Austin Independent School District-March-July-November

-Austin Community College-April-August-December

  • Mark your calendars and set your schedules for this unprecedented First Saturdays agenda in the Travis County/Austin Capitol Area community.