AE University Customer Collaboration Series: Building Stronger Customer Relations


AE University presents

The Customer Collaboration Series: Building Stronger Customer Relations

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What keeps forward-thinking organizations up at night?   You got it--the customer. They are the heart of every successful organization—and every effective strategic plan.

With the advent of people-powered platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and technologies like smart-phones and tablets,  the equation between customers and organizations has changed forever. Customers are empowered to voice their opinions about  programs, products and  policies they love and those they don’t—in real time.  In rapidly growing and shifting climates such as Austin—knowing our customers, listening to our customers and making sense of the customer feedback requires a strategic approach that will allow us to plan effectively and build long-term collaborations.

The 5 sessions in the Customer Collaboration Series will cover everything from demographics and analyzing customer feedback to communications and compassionate service. They are designed to help you effectively communicate with those you serve, understand their collective voice and remember why you love public service! Sign up today!



AE University Forum
Your Austin 2017: A Demographer's Perspective
Guest Lecturer: Ryan Robinson, COA Demographer
721 Barton Springs, Rm 130, 78704
October 30, 1p

Ryan Robinson focuses on data mapping and interpretation, particularly demographic trends, population change and the rise of socio-economic inequality. Explore the implications for your industry in this environment of rapid regional growth and shifting demographics. Ryan currently serves as the City Demographer at the City of Austin and assists City executives with anticipating infrastructure and service needs as well as planning and zoning. Ryan is a native of Austin, Texas and a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.


AE University Forum
Humanity in Business - A Conscious Capitalism Perspective
Guest Lecturer:  Alexander McCobin, CEO
721 Barton Springs, Rm 130, 78704
October 31, 1p

Conscious Capitalism is a construct that recognizes the innate potential of business to make a positive impact on the world.

A decade ago, skepticism of an evolved approach to capitalism was high among business leaders. Things are different today. Business leaders are buying into the general idea of Conscious Capitalism. Conscious Capitalism is a way of thinking about capitalism and business that better reflects where we are in the human journey, the state of our world today, and the innate potential of business to make a positive impact on the world.

Platform leaders like John Mackey (Whole Foods Market), Kip Tindell (The Container Store), Denise Morrison (Campbell Soup Company), and Jack Bogle (Vanguard) are a few of the most prominent voices in the ideas of conscious leadership. Join the conversation!  


Compassionate Customer Service: The Poverty Simulation
Presenters: Ronnie Mendoza and Sandra Castillo, Austin Energy
TCEA- 3100 Alvin DeVane Blvd, Blg B., 78741
October 31, 1:30p

The Native American aphorism, “Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes” is front and center in Austin Energy Customer Assistance Program’s “The Poverty Simulation.” For two hours, you will walk through the life as some of our most vulnerable customers, making decisions between eating or utilities-- a path where $15 makes the difference between sleeping on the streets or having shelter.  You will never view customer service quite the same

The two-hour workshop is a hands-on compassion activity that creates empathy and insights from the real-life perspectives of our customers. In addition to facilitating this impactful session, staff will provide information about the program, customer resources and related community services. 


The Customer Experience: Customer Satisfaction and Engagement
Presenter: Liz Jambor, Ed.D.
TCEA- 3100 Alvin DeVane Blvd, Blg B., 78741
October 31, 10a

This session will provide participants with insight into how customer satisfaction and engagement is gathered and analyzed and how it applies to the work they do. Additionally, employees will learn how they can develop simple customer experience modules within their work areas to put themselves in the customer’s shoes to design a better customer experience. Because we all know a happy customer is easier to deal with than one who is not.

Liz Jambor, Ed. D., manages the Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (DABI) group in the Customer Energy Solutions business unit at Austin Energy. DABI's work provides data and analysis for Austin Energy, the City Manager's Office, City of Austin departments and other stakeholders. The group conducts surveys, focus groups and other information-gathering to create an in-depth picture of customer needs, expectations and behaviors. If you have a need to better understand your customers, this session is for you!


Communications Planning: Working with Media
Presenter: Robert Cullick, Director AE Communications
811 Barton Springs, #402
November 2, 1p

So many advertisements, messages and screens compete for our attention today that communications have to be precisely placed to be noticed. Just putting information online or in a document where people might find it doesn’t work anymore. And repetition alone no longer solves problems; it just irritates people. Breaking through the clutter requires planning. Whether you’re talking to your spouse, a fellow employee or your customer, a message has to be carefully crafted with the audience in mind. Good communications planning is a five-step process that will be covered in this course.

This three-hour course is designed for Employees at all levels who are involved in change initiatives, employee engagement or strategic planning initiatives. Employees will get a better understanding of the planning process, how the news media works, the challenges of social media and the role of the communicator.


This session is part of 2017 AE Corporate Learning Week and highlights the connection between employee engagement, life-long learning and achieving organizational business excellence through sound leadership and excellent customer collaboration.  Questions?