Invitation to support upcoming book release


My name is Patrice Hartsfield and I am contacting you on behalf Helen Wilkerson who is affiliated with L.A. Enterprises. I was tasked with the effort to identify an organization that specializes in serving the mental health needs of African Americans and other minority groups in Austin. 

Bishop L.A. Wilkerson has recently written his third book entitled Divine Thinking: Instruction in Godly Thinking and would like to donate a percentage of the proceeds from this book sales to your organization as well as partnering for possible future donations.

The launch for this book will be October 27th 2017 at 7pm. L.A Enterprises is requesting that a representative from your organization is present at the launch, provide a 5 to 10 minute presentation on the services you provide, how you're impacting the community, and some take home information for those in attendance. 

If this is an opportunity in which your organization is interest please respond to this email at your earliest convenience. Please feel free to inquire with any additional questions by contacting


Warm Regards,

Patrice Hartsfield, MA,LPC-Intern
Supervised by Manuel Zamarripa, PhD, LPC-S