Building Bridges Friends of ACC: Community Agenda- June 30, 2017

Bridge Building and Ensuring Dr. King’s “Equity and Inclusion Dream”

Is An ACC Quality of Life Reality to All!


Kudos to Community College Equity-Inclusion Champions-

 President Rhodes-Provost Cook-Vice President Malcolm and their Offices


Why: A Five-Point Strategic Community Dialogue: Bridging ACC’s Gender-Race Equity Quality of Life Agenda in the Travis County/Austin Capital Area and Beyond-See Attachment

Point 1. Strengthen ACC’s ability to integrate, support, and make visible all services and programs that address equity and inclusion issues, and clarifyaccountability in each part of the College (Faculty-Staff-Administrators-Students-Alumni)

Point 2. Collaborate with Vice-President Malcolm, Provost Cook and President Rhodes offices as community advocates for inclusive and critical pedagogical practices, and for the development of curricula that reflect the ACC’s gender, race student population and that build intercultural knowledge and competencies. 

Point 3. Foster community and college joint strategies and programs to eliminate gaps in student aspirations, access, and outcomes in the classroom, on the campuses, in the community, e.g.. Leadership Alumni Academy and Monthly Town Halls, etc.

Point 4. Work collaboratively with executive, administrative faculty leadership, staff leadership, student leadership to develop programs and initiatives to strengthen recruitment, persistence/retention /completion, transfer-out of students, recruit/hire/develop/retain both staff and faculty and win-win relationship orientation for all, etc.

Point 5. Collaborate with Vice-President Malcolm, Provost Cook, President Rhodes, offices in coordination with staff and faculty associations, to identify and implement employee orientation and professional development needed to foster transformative anti-bias and anti-oppression practices among students, staff, and faculty, and advance proficiency with cultural competency and identity development. 

Who: Friends of Austin Community College

When: Building Bridges Fifth Fridays Community Dialogue-

Friday, June 30, 2017-0a.m.-10a.m.

Where: Community Room-Between Simpson United Methodist Church-Rev. Robert Waddle

& NAACP-Austin Branch Office-1709 East 12th Street; Austin, Texas 78702; 512/476-6230:


Baseline Data: Title I of the Act, known as the “Student Right-to-Know Act,” requires the college to disclose institution-wide graduation rates of certificate- or degree-seeking, full-time students entering the institution. ACC’s four-year average graduation rate is 7 percent, the transfer-out rate is 33 percent, and the retention rate is 56 percent, according to the Integrated Postsecondary Data System of the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). (Updated August 15, 2016)


Agenda Item I.  Given the graduation, the retention, the transfer out rate for the applicable NCES four-year average, what is the current equity status for each of the following disaggregate data? See Attachment

A.      Asian/Pacific Islander Females; Asian/Pacific Islander Males

B.      Black (African American) Females; Black (African American) Males

C.      Hispanic/Latino/Mexican American Females; Hispanic/Latino/Mexican American Males

D.     Native American Indian/First Nation Females; Native American Indian/First Nation Males

E.      White (Anglo/Caucasian) Females; White (Anglo/Caucasian) Males

Agenda Item II.  Update-Provost Cook’s and Vice-President Dr. Malcolm’s Joint ACC Alumni/Future Alumni Leadership Academy- Bridging Equitable and Inclusive Leadership Development and Community Development Across All Campuses and Communities of Color –Travis County Sheriff’s Office, Austin Police Department, Austin Independent School District, Austin Community College Building Bridges Town Halls at Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex. Before-During-After Implementation-Leadership Academy Town Hall Meetings

A.     Continuous ACC Students’ SWOT and Feedback Update

B.      Continuous Faculty SWOT and Feedback Update

C.      Continuous Student Government SWOT and Feedback Update-

D.     Continuous Alumni SWOT and Feedback Update

Agenda III. In terms of gender, racial equity, status as to how the ACC Strategic Plan 2017-2021 is tracking with the Aspen Lessons-2017-2021?

See Link:

See Link:

Agenda IV. All Friends of ACC are welcome to participate in the Fifth Fridays Building Bridges Equity Focus Network: (Enrollment-Retention-Completion)-Come, Sign-Up and Join In with: David Balch-Civics; Karen Brennan-ACC Advocate; Alberto Gonzalez-Education Advocate; Rosa Marie Gonzalez-Education Advocate; Bill Hamilton-Community Advocate;Ricardo Ibarra-ACC Alumni; Nelson Linder-Advisor-NAACP-ACC-HTU Alumni;  Mike Manor-Building Bridges Advisor-AISD-UT Alumni Life Member-HTU Faculty Alumni; Amy Mok-Asian American Cultural Center; Roosevelt Neely-ACC Advocate; Ashley Phillips-Leadership Austin Liaison,  Melvin Kendrick-Business Owner-Minister, Martha Koock Ward-ACC Campus Advisory Committee, Clarence Watson-ACC Student/Advocate; Emlyn Lee-BRAVE

Agenda V. Next Meeting: Friday, September 29, 2017. 9a.m.-10a.m.- Adjourn