$1K Walmart Gift Cards for Harvey Families [Write Relief Letter to Tom Joyner]

To: Richard Franklin and All (Cc)


1. Letter Help: Here's one huge way civic leaders like you and elected officials can help Harvey evacuees without spending any money via e-mail (or minimal notary & postage costs). Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) through its 501(c)(3) [BlackAmericaWeb.com] is giving $1K in Walmart gift cards to families who took in other families due to Hurricane Harvey. Most relief efforts don't consider this population, so Tom Joyner started the fund with a personal $20K donation. As of Thursday (September 7, 2017), the fund was up to $300K. The letters get vetted and a few are read on the air, 5A-9A (http://player.listenlive.co/47051/en). Donations are accepted, too, for specific families or the general fund. The letter is plenty, though. Some folk may not know about Tom Joyner's Harvey Relief Fund. So I'm including details below.


    a. Harvey Relief Announcement (9 minutes): https://blackamericaweb.com/2017/08/28/top-of-the-morning-donate-to-the-hurricane-harvey-relief-fund-on-baw/


    b. Contact Information: The family needing help must include letter(s) (e.g., pastor, employer, elected official) to confirm the requested help. A "notarized letter" would be ideal; that's what Sybil Wilkes notes in the announcement, but there's an e-mail link to Tom Joyner on the Harvey Relief webpage as well. Here's a link to the mailing address/contact information: https://blackamericaweb.com/black-america-web-relief-fund/


    c. Example (audio): The attached audio clip is from Thursday (September 7th); it starts with Tom Joyner reading and discussing one family's letter (Bell Family). He then states that 100% of funds go to families in need, those who took in other families due to Hurricane Harvey. During yesterday's show he made a similiar announcement, too. Each day he reads several relief letters on the air.


    d. Letters: Here's a link to letters from families in need, good examples read on the air: https://blackamericaweb.com/2017/09/01/hurricane-harvey-relief-fund-letters


2. BackstoryTom Joyner's legit; he's a nationally-syndicated radio host known as the "Fly Joc." I've listened to his show for years (radio and online) and went to a Sky Show (live recording) in San Antonio years ago. "When he ended his airline commute, he had accumulated over seven million frequent-flyer miles with American Airlines, paying a $30,000 annual fee. The airline also retired two seats in his honor, in appreciation for the favorable publicity received from the “Fly Jock” arrangement, to be used in his radio studio." Weblink: http://encyclopedia.jrank.org/articles/pages/4334/Joyner-Tom-c-1949.html


3. ClosingFeel free to share with others.