Seeking Internship/Supervision: LMFT-S required

Jaqual Diggs is seeking an internship. Please review her information below and contact her directly. Please share as appropriate.



Name, email and phone:  Jaqual Diggs, jrabbit1989@gmail and 512-709-5838                  

License type seeking: LMFT

Supervisor’s required licensure: LMFT-S   

Number of hours per week seeking: The program requires 500 hours, 100 supervised and 200 strictly relational with couples and families.

Location: North Austin or Pflugerville area

Preferred population Teens or children.

Seeking paid or unpaid internship? Either unpaid or paid 

Start and end dates: January 2018

Any additional information you would like potential supervisor/internship site to know:

I am a pre-graduate student studying Marriage and Family Therapy and I have an interest in group therapy. I have not experienced working with clients but I have worked with children in education. I look forward to developing more skills from what I have already learned in class and given the opportunity to learn more skills and techniques. 

Thank you for your time and consideration!