Seeking: LMSW internship site

Ka'Rhonda Houston is seeking an internship starting in January 2018. Please contact her directly (contact info below) if you are someone you know might be a potential supervisor.

 Your name, email and phone:  Ka'Rhonda Houston/ 512-775-4765             
 License type you are seeking: LMSW     
 Supervisor’s required licensure:   Supervisor must be a experience MSW, two years minimum.       
 Number of hours per week seeking: Seeking 16-20 hours a week.     
Location: Prefer Austin north, east and surrounding cities north of Austin. However, I would be more than happy to accept any other area in Austin if needed. 
Preferred population: Adults, teens, or veterans (very open, have a heart to help any population)
Seeking paid or unpaid internship? Unpaid internship     
Start and end dates: Start Jan 16, 2018 continues. Must obtain 240 both for spring and summer semester. However, if only one semester can only be provided that is okay as well.   
Any additional information you would like potential supervisor/internship site to know:

How an Agency May Apply for Affiliation: