Call for Proposals- 3rd Annual South Asian Mental Health Conference

CALL FOR PROPOSALS for Symposia and Poster Sessions at the

3rd Annual South Asian Mental Health Conference

November 2018

Fremont, CA

We are considering to possibly have a 2-day format. So the dates will be November 10 ( 1 day format ) and November 11 ( 2 day format)

We are seeking proposals, which are informed by research, theory, and practice in South Asian mental health.  Topics can address any aspects of South Asian mental health including but not limited to stigmas of mental health, barriers to utilization of services, lack of research, importance of religion/culture, experiences working with the South Asian community, highlighting projects/theories utilized in work with the South Asian community and gaps in support and supervision.  We would like the proposals to integrate multicultural perspective and have a social justice focus.  We are welcoming any types of proposals (dissertations, research studies, community projects, grassroots work models/theories, etc.)  We aim to showcase work, which illustrate the importance of providing culturally informed and competent mental health services to the South Asian community.  We are interested in providing a conference that highlights the unique experiences of the South Asian community and have attendees walk away with tools they can utilize in their clinical work.  

Proposals can be submitted by any individuals in the mental health field (undergraduate students, graduate students, professionals, etc)  

Details and submission requirements are as follows:

1. The submission form must be completed and emailed to

2. The deadline for submissions is August 15, 2018 at midnight

3. Co-authors are welcome (including graduate and postdoctoral students)

Details of the submission:

1. Title

2. Type of proposal :

3. Abstract (250 words limit)

4. Summary of what will be covered in your poster or symposia (600 words limit)

5. Author’s contact (Name, email, phone number)

Author’s school or organization affiliation

[If there is more than one author, please provide info of other authors]

Only Applicants who are accepted will be notified by September 20, 2018

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Preet K. Sabharwal, PsyD or Nina Kaur, M.A. at