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June 30, 2018 Newsletter

Change Happens with the Preventing Opioid Misuse in Girls Project!

The Travis County Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (TCYSAPC) in partnership with Cardea received a federal grant to prevent prescription and non-prescription opioid misuse among girls ages 10 to 17. One aspect of this project is the creation of a Preventing Opioid Misuse Among Girls Community of Practice (CoP). This involves calls, meetings, and training opportunities such as the March 22 workshop for Region 13 school personnel and the May 4 webinar for clinicians and school nurses on Opioid Misuse in Adolescents: Prevention and Detection. So far, the project has trained over 145 participants, and the reviews are excellent. 

To read more about the project and the activities, check out the website. To watch the recording of the May 4 webinar, click here.

75% of webinar attendees have plans to change how they work after learning about opioids & adolescents!

“Great training. One of the best I have been to in a long time”

“[I will] change the way I talk to the adolescents when I interview them”

"[I] know the best way to listen and ask questions to best screen for substance use. Now I know more of signs that should raise red flags of concern."


Opioid Drug Overdose Facts in Travis County

Although Travis County may not be in a major opioid crisis as other areas of the country, an average of 127 drug overdose deaths still occur locally each year.  This reflects an upward trend in the number of drug overdose deaths since 2006 reported Jeffery Taylor with Austin Public Health during the February TCYSAPC meeting.  He noted that from 2006 to 2016 in Travis County, 590 people died from an opioid overdose, adding that In Travis County, the rate of opioid overdose death is highest in white males, followed by black males, white females, Hispanic males, and Hispanic females.  Opioids like heroin, methadone and prescription narcotics make up 42 percent of the overdose deaths locally.  Austin Public Health notes that over-prescribing of pain medication has been the driver of the opioid epidemic with 51 prescriptions per 100 people in Travis County.  
For more on Travis County Opioid News, please go here.


TCYSAPC Invites Local Experts to Bi-Monthly Meetings

TCYSAPC has enjoyed a variety of fascinating speakers at bi-monthly meetings this Spring including Dr. Martinelli with UT Austin Dept of Neuroscience presenting on the Neurobiology of Addiction; Cathy Collins from Christi Center on their Loss to Overdose group; Camille Clark with LifeWorks discussing their Community-Based Peer Support and Counseling Program for transition-age youth trauma, impact substance use; and representatives from the Texas Overdose Naloxone Initiative (TONI) on role and administering of naxolone for opioid overdose. 

Our next TCYSAPC meeting will be August 5th at LifeWorks East from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm. 

For more information on TCYSAPC Meetings, please go here.