Therapist needed ASAP

We've been informed of a 26 year-old female who would like to start working intensively with a therapist but her family is having difficulty finding someone who is taking new patients. She needs to start working with a clinician as soon as possible.

They are seeking the following:

  • A clinician who accepts Scott and White Health Plan, preferred HMO for State of Texas employees - a SWHP provider is ideal, but not likely - so sliding scale would be helpful
  • In the Austin/Round Rock/Cedar Park area - likely needs to be seen at least weekly
  • Experienced in treating patients with mood disorders and chronic and persistent suicidal ideation
  • Prefer someone willing to treat Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Prefer someone certified in EMDR
  • Registered play therapist would also be helpful
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)preferred
  • No gender preference

Please email Dawn at or by phone at 512-731-6739. Please copy on the email as well, for referral tracking purposes only.

Thanks kindly!!