EVENT: First Saturday-July 2, 2016- Monthly Summit on Faith, Forgive, Life, Love, Peace & Safety:

An Equitable Quality of Faith, Forgive, Life, Love, Peace & Safety Continuum: America, Texas, Travis County, Austin/Capitol Area Healing Summit 9:30a.m.-Video Only Showing of the Month "Forgive Me-The Offense-The Offender-The Offended" By Video: Archbishop Dr. Sterling Lands, II, Greater Calvary Bible Church: Austin, Texas

Reading of the Month: "Let My People Go":  Martin Luther King, Jr.

Date-Time: July 2, 2016, First Saturday; 9a.m.-12:30p.m.-All are welcome-All are respected. Casual Dress-Free Mt. Zion Action and Resource Center; 2951 East 14th Street; Austin, Texas 78702 512/479-9890. For counseling, call 211. For emergencies, call 911. Adjourn to the 1:30p.m. Town Hall at The Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex