Bridge Building Brown Bag: March 26, 2018 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

It's Healing Time

  • How's The Village's Faith and Spirit Doing: The Other African American Quality of Life and Wellness Topics?

  • How Are Faith and Spirit Helping The Village Handle: Female, Male: Bills, Debt, Disproportionalities, Domestic Violence, Drug Abuse, Fear, Gentrification, Grief, Health, Homelessness, Inequities, Unemployment, Pain, Outrage, Pressure, Racism, Rage, Stress, Victimization, Violence, Wounds, Work Environment, etc.?

Who: You are invited-All Are Welcome

What: Bridge Building Brown Bag at Mt. ZARC

Where: 2951 East 14th Street; Austin, Texas 78702; 512/479-9890

When: Saturday, March 26, 2016

Time: 11a.m.-1:30p.m.

How: Come relax. Bring your snack and your thoughts.

Background: 4 "Why's" & 7 Healing Areas

Why #1. Supporting the City of Austin's African American Quality of Life Initiative, Community Advancement Network and the City of Austin's African American Quality of Life Resource Advisory Commission

Why #2. Share informal conversation, dialogue, feedback and reflections as a video, an article, a reading, the above questions and/or the following:

Why #3. What Government cannot do, does not do, should not do, God can do. Reference: "How Black Is The Gospel"-Tom Skinner

Why #4. In articles published in NOKOA-The Observer, Junious Ricardo Stanton wrote in quotes:

  • Healing Our Internalized Racism: "Historically because of the oppressive nature of American "race relations we [slaves, coloreds, Negroes, Blacks/African Americans] were forbidden to defend ourselves or fight back against the brutality of individual Whites [slave owners and their supporters/stakeholders] or their system. So, we adapted by internalizing our anger and pain, often taking it out on those nearest and dearest to us-our families and friends.

  • Healing Our Internalized Victimization: "Add to that history the ongoing distress of Being Black in a culture pathologically obsessed with color, race, class and gender and you understand why we are so traumatized and disoriented."

  • Healing Our Internalized Violence: "Now, the village is crumbling from within. It's time to change, it's healing time. We must consciously choose to turn to each other for help rather than on each other."

  • Healing Our Internalized Negativity: "Of course, the first step is to admit we are hurting and seek positive ways to address the situation." Why #5. Healing Our Internalized Bitterness From Past and Present, Intentional/Unintentional, Gender Race Abuse, Race Harm, Race Hate, Race Hurt in: Austin Area; Travis County; Texas; United States- (1928 Race Codes, et. al.)

Why #6. Healing Our Internalized Helplessness and Hopelessness of Racism and Sexism: From Pre- and Post- 1863 Emancipation Proclamation:

To Pre- and Post- 1964 Civil Rights Legislation

Why # 7. Healing Our Internalized Fear To Love & Forgive Self & Others When We Are: Harmed; Hated; Hurt by Racism, Sexism, Violence: "I leave you love. Love builds. It is positive and helpful. It is more beneficial than hate. Injuries quickly forgotten quickly pass away. Personally and racially, our enemies must be forgiven. ~ Mary McLeod Bethune